Currently Liz and myself ( Nathan ) are interested and motivated by something we refer to as clearing. I have been fascinated recently by physical clearing ( detox ) using Zeolite powder as a chellator ( heavy metal and toxin remover ) and removing poisons such as Aspartame and MSG from my diet, I am now reinforcing this by taking krill oil and Reishi mushroom extract and meditating on a regular basis.

Liz is equally as fascinated but by spiritual clearing, looking deep inside oneself  to understand your problems/burdens better! This ranges from meditation and introspection to spirit releasment therapy which involves a process similar to regression.

We both believe that a person has Physical Mental and Spiritual health all three aspects affect each other for example depression manifests physical aches and weariness so all three should be addressed in order to be completely well.

We are in the early stages of planning a course whereby we can teach the reasons and methods that make clearing one of the strongest and most exciting healing processes that we have encountered.

If you are interested or have any questions please comment, thank you.